by Tyler Nassiri

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released November 27, 2015

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals - Tyler Nassiri
Lead Guitar - Ryan Correa
All music written, recorded and mixed by Tyler Nassiri
Mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds



all rights reserved


Tyler Nassiri Toronto, Ontario

Multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada.

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Track Name: Above Ground
The feeling is entrenched. Inherent to your nature, feed your mind what it craves.
It's not a sickness, nor is it real, the mind is a slave to its ideals.
How does it grow this way, within each human
The chemicals like a net, choking you and strangling
While you fight for calm, rise above, above it all, through the ashes
Which came to rise, a smoldering instinct, defeat and forget the lies.
Life, death, fear an outlier
Push to the side and remain rarefied
Life, death, fear an outlier
Push to the side and remain rarefied
Rarefied thoughts, rarefied actions, a story begins to unfold
How a soul can be lost but found once more, by itself to conquer and restore.
Track Name: Reach The Ruins
Uncharted inspiration, untapped potential.
The only thing missing is the love that's torrential.
The bloody mind and it's thoughts go dripping, down the sewer walls
Of your soul that's missing.
Into the heart and out of your mouth, your fingers dig in and carry on south.
Reach the ruins they litter my veins, only to rebuild from the dust that remains.
I carve out my soul, it's a performance of madness.
We look to our past, which is etched with sadness.
The doubt I have within my mind, of how this will all matter
It's funny how still you can be standing in the epicenter of a disaster,
Staring like an animal.
I carve out my soul, it's a performance of madness
We look to our past, which is etched with sadness
But our hearts are still bursting, with love that will last us
Wasted on my hostile skin, like spines to a cactus.
Track Name: Elected Reflection
A machine, driven for everything me, destroying and creating images at random.
Running from a birth, a thought, an action
Which contradicts the previous detail.
A man will stand and think for himself but only to run off astray.
We walk with mirrors on a leash, reminding ourselves of us
When it's the other we create, which is observed and later defined.
Feel free, be free, there's no engagement which seals us
Feel free, be free, It's nature that binds and describes us, rendering us a decimal.
Our third eye which scales the walls within our empty wet minds
Emotion is a grip that rations our senses, asking us to crawl into the suit.
Deformed reality.
True to the host, we all don't see past
The reflection into the black sea
Give us a chance for freedom of ourselves
And keep the one we most love.
I can't stand with you I'm changing for seasons.
Instead of falling I'm floating on myself, a cushion of ego to flood the hive-mind.
The machine driven for everything me destroying and creating images
Running from a birth, a thought, an action, which contradicts the previous detail.
A man will stand and think for himself but only to run off astray
He's scared himself loose only finding ego in his way.
Track Name: A Beautiful Way To Describe Death
We recycle, we devour and quench with all that is inside each other
Dining on the land, the eyes of life give back to which will always restore.
Distorting ourselves, from a reality undone,
Instead of feasting on the truth, it's in the soil that we breath
It's time to return and join the maggots beneath our feet.
Rape or reap, definitions define us
We don't see the cost living like this.
Complete disregard for the sky as it cries within it's spectrum
The colours bleed and we ignore while the hills unduly crush us.
Betraying our source we flee above ground
Look beneath and be sucked into the cracks of our fate.
Track Name: The Contrast
Hatred is only the fuel to this fire
The fire warms but gently scalds
Live with the scars and be comfortable.
Or freeze your heart in ice and be impenetrable
You choose to burn and I've been frozen
This contrast interwoven.
The weaves feel right tight into the night, but I'm melting next to you my dear
Scarring me with love.
Love that's left me with frozen sight
A sight that is warming to your scars which are as beautiful as the stars.
So move over, next to this fire, and let us share the burning desire.
After all my love, we've got plenty
Of hatred to extend the flames even higher.
Of course this love seems undignified, but you weren't there
When I decided to in stride
To have you in my life.
It's redefined my eyes, which were blind, to your kind.
I'd rather the forgiveness in your eyes than whatever words you have in disguise
The journey it took and the round trip back to hell.
Take my hand and let's leave now, back to a place where I can say those words
I wish to tell
That is after all, how we fell.